Oct. 4, 2010

Recent obsession (3)

- striped shirt + roll up sleeves

Cute. I cannot think of any other word to describe these shirts.
They are comfortable and yet, fashionable.
I normally wear a pair of jeans and casual black blazer with them.

This particular shirt was from H&M and was $24.99.
I love the gold accent on the buttons and the small pocket.
Though I noticed that the shirt is actually a maternity clothes when I was at the cashier. I mentioned it to the girl and she smiled and said to me, "who cares, it's cute!"

She is right, it's way too cute.


  1. Maternity clothes are ALWAYS the cutest!! It is too bad that means 35605265 times too large for me >:| I keep wishing someone would just take maternity clothes and make mini copies.

  2. hahah yeah they are too big for you for sure. but kids/teens section has cute clothes too!