Oct. 5, 2010


- Borghese Nail Lacquer in Milano Taupe

I have been buying a lot of nail polishes lately.
Watching nail polish haul videos on YouTube and reading blogs hooked me into the habit of painting nails at least twice a week. I know, I am obsessed.

So many people talk about Sephora for OPI in Metro Chic and Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Gray. I was wondering about the hype of it so I gave myself a try. I did not like the colour -it did not look good on my skin. I don't know why. I love how they look on people, but not on me.

Then I found this nail polish at Shoppers. I've never tried Borghese before but it was on sale so I checked out all the colours. The only colour that made me excited was Milano Taupe. It's grayish purple colour. I think this colour should be called chic. The best part of this nail polish is the fact that it does not chip at all! (I normally put base coat and top coat on) Usually nail polishes chips after few days because I do a lot of house stuff such as cooking and washing dishes. But this one didn't for 5 days. I thought it was miracle. Everytime I looked at my fingers, I kept wowing.

As much as I love wearing bright colours, I work in a professional field so I have to wear neutral colours. This colour seems okay for work... I think. Well, I like it so much that I don't wanna take it off.


  1. I am also quite obsessed about nail polishes at the moment! Great shade!

  2. That looks very pretty on your skintone! Borghese polishes are very nice quality. :)

  3. - Catanya
    Thank you! I will upload more NOTD photos for sure. I hope you will like them :)

    - femputer
    Yes I agree, Borghese polishes are a bit expensive compared to other drugstore nail polishes but very good quality for sure!