Oct. 10, 2010

Favourite rings

- Swarovski Nirvana Ring

- Swarovski Mint Chic Ring

They are my favourite rings. I wear one of them everytime I go out.
I remember when I was trying them out at the Swarovski store -my boyfriend rolled his eyes and said "WTH, TOO BIG". He always knew that I loved shiny stuff but I guess he never expected me to pick such gigantic piece. So I desperately said to him, "I know it's big. But they are so chic. Just look at the name. It's a girl thing hun."

He complained a couple of times that he couldn't hold my hand properly because of their sizes but I just laughed. I was too happy to see them on my fingers. Also, I couldn't believe how many people actually took my hand and made complements on them.

Here is one thing I learned about Swarovski rings -not every ring will stay in a permanent collection so if you found a piece that you like, get it before it's gone. I had such hard time finding the Mint Chic ring for that reason.

Jewelry like these would never go out of style :)


  1. Those are seriously pretty! And you have very nice hands, I hope that doesn't sound weird. LOL! ;)

  2. ahahah no it doesn't, don't worry :) Thank you for the compliment!