Oct. 2, 2010

Recent obsession (1)

- LV Delightful MM
- Coach Kristin Leather Satchel in Blue Smoke

LV purse was a birthday gift to myself.
I never really liked their purses until very recently -because I'd always thought I was not mature enough to carry them. The last time I carried LV purse was when I was in highschool. I occasionally borrowed it from my mom. Now that I think about it, I am sure that I must have looked hideous with it.

Then I thought... I am now in mid 30's, own my business and have opportunities to go to seminars and meetings. I thought that I should be ready to carry Delightful MM as my work purse.

I love it. It's big enough to carry files and documents, is comfortable on my shoulders and looks amazing with suits. I love how the bag gets crumpled when I carry it on my shoulder.

Coach purse was an impulse purchase.
I got the 25% off invitation from Coach and few hours after that, I was on my way to Coach store (I know, I am very bad). The purse looks blue in the picture but it's actually blue-green. Very chic purse for everyday use.

I am sure that I will be in heaven for a while with these pretty purses!

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