Oct. 14, 2010

Lip balm collection

(from left to right)

- Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
I found out about this lip balm when I was in highschool. I used to drop by this store called Sony Plaza in Tokyo after the class almost everyday and they carried products from Kiehl's. They had all kinds of imported items from North America(I used to buy Twix from there too). The lip balm is simply amazing. It is super moisturizing and does make your lips softer. Downsides are: too glossy and unsanitary to stick finger into the jar. But they do have stick ones so I guess that could be solved. One of my favourite lip balms of all time for sure.

- Muru Muru Butterm
I bought this at the airport when I visited my family in Japan last year. It was a "top seller lip balm" at that time. It's supposed to moisturize like butter... which I found a strange description. It's an okay lip balm. It's not super moisturizing but does a job if I load it up on my lips.

- Softlips in Framboise Friande $ Strawberry Sherbet
I've heard good things about these so I gave them a try. The first thing I noticed was the flavour -smells amazing and taste yummy too. It is somewhat moisturizing but I HATE how it's so thin. It takes forever to finish applying this lip balm because of the tiny surface. For that reason, I have not used it for a while now(they are in my car for a lip emergency).

- Nivea Milk & Honey
This is my number one lip balm at the moment. I love how it moisturizes my lips very well and also good to apply before lipsticks. The surface is big enough to cover my lips quickly too. Though the flavour is questionable (to me, it doesn't taste milk & honey at all), the lasting power is awesome. Highly recommended.

- Blistex Lip Infusion
This has an interesting applicator. It's got the silver roller so the lip balm itself is liquid. I was looking for a menthol lip balm before and I found this -it was soothing for two seconds and that's it. It's like licking my lips... it gets dry right away. Not good.

- Blistex Silk & Shine
Shine, maybe. Silk.... I am not sure. It smells bad to me. It's like the bathroom odor spray. I cannot take it when the lip balm smells bad.

- Shiseido Water in Lip
Again, I bought this in Japan. It's very smooth and soothing. I like it. Too bad I cannot buy it in Canada.

- Menturm Mizu in Lip
Mizu means water in Japanese. The package says it contains aloe inside and makes my lips shiny looking. I haven't used it yet but I am expecting it to be good since Menturm is a famous company that makes good first aid products.

- Shiseido Water in Lip (La France flavour)
I had to get this when I saw it at the drug store in Japan. As I said, I liked the original Shiseido Water in Lip. Now they have the La France flavour!!! Bravo Shiseido. For those who don't know what La France is, it's a type of pair. I want to try it but I am going to wait a bit longer... :)


  1. I love lipbalms~ The Blistex and Softlips (I like this one better) ones I've tried are alright but Vasaline still beats them all. Application just sucks a lot!

  2. Vasaline? ohhh I should definitely give it a try. Thank you for telling me!