Oct. 3, 2010

Recent obsession (2)

- Nina by Nina Ricci

I wanted to get a perfume that could possibly become my "signature smell".
So I researched and read a lot of reviews for various perfumes but you know, it's hard to imagine what they actually smell by reading people's reviews -so I went to the department store to check them out.

After smelling 4589028694 perfumes and killing my nose, I was contemplating between Dior j'adore and Chanel mademoiselle. Though I knew that Chenel was not for me. The smell reminded me of a sophisticated mature woman... probably around 50's. So I put j'adore on my wrist and went for dinner. I loved the smell but I realized that I liked it more right after putting it on. It smelled totally different after a little while.

I almost gave up. Where is "the one"?
I kept on looking around and saw this cute apple bottle. Then I thought, "wait, I've seen this perfume everywhere. I've seen their pretty advertisements on magazines before too". I tried it on and I got shocked. This is it. This is what I was looking for. Sweet and warm smell... perfect for fall. I cannot believe that I had not tried this sooner.

I spray just once on me in the morning and it lasts all day. It's not strong at all. I feel like melting whenever I smell it. I am glad that I found the one!

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